What our clients are saying

  • We completed in a few hours what would have taken months to complete otherwise! Additionally, we are certain to have the most up to date contact information saving valuable staff time and postage costs. We are more confident in the reports we pull from FIMS because we are certain that the demographic information included in them is true and accurate.
    - The Community Foundation of Boone County, Indiana
  • idLeadGen saved us 30 hours a year searching for updated contact information.
    - Portland Foundation
  • We used the email address updates for our recent online campaign which was VERY helpful in raising 900% more than the previous year.
    - Act for Alexandria

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Here's how we can help grow your business

  • Get more qualified sales leads

    Get more qualified sales leads

    Call, mail, and email prospects using our targeted sales leads lists.

  • Boost response rates

    Boost response rates

    Target the right prospects for your product or service.

  • Save money

    Save money

    Update your lists with current contact information so you don’t waste resources using addresses or emails that no longer exist.

  • Save time with our free lead tool

    Save time with our free lead tool

    Create lead lists from contact information on web pages and emails with just a few clicks.

  • Add missing data to your customer file

    Add missing data to your customer file

    Append emails, phone numbers, addresses and demographic data to your customer file so you can reach them more effectively.

  • No software needed

    No software needed

    No need to buy or learn new software with our web scraping services. Just tell us what you need and we'll get the data for you.