5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Next Email Campaign

If you could benefit from more sales from your email campaigns, here are 5 quick tips to improve your next email campaign.

If you could benefit from better open rates, more click-throughs and sales from your email campaigns, here are 5 quick tips to improve your next email campaign. Start these today and you’ll see a better response immediately.

Use A Recognizable From Name

It may seem obvious, but who the email says it’s from will have an impact on your open rates, so make sure it’s recognizable. You may need to experiment a little with this to see which strategy works best for your business.

The from name should vary depending on the type of email you send. If the email is asking to schedule a meeting or is more personal it should probably come from a person. If it’s your weekly newsletter or a promotional campaign it could come from either a person or the company or a combination of both.

For example:

  • From: Adam Baker
  • From: Adam Baker at idLeadGen
  • From: idLeadGen

Write A Subject Line That Begs To Be Opened

Subject Lines are the single most important factor in getting someone to open your email, so you should put serious thought into this before hitting the send button.

Ones that work well ask a question, start with “how to”, “tips”, “the top x ways to”, that state a benefit, sense of urgency, or sound like they came from a co-worker.

Start by looking through previous email campaigns to see which type of subject lines had the highest open rates. Also, start observing emails that catch your attention and save them in your notes to try on your own campaigns.

Don’t Forget About The Lead-In

The Lead-In is the sentence that comes after the subject line that a recipient sees in the inbox preview. It usually supports the subject line, giving the recipient a second reason to open your email.

Give this some thought too, because it could be your last ditch effort to get them to open your email. Usually stating a benefit of what’s inside works well for lead-ins.

Example of a subject line with a lead in:

Subject Line: 5 Days Left To Get Your Free Gift

Lead-In: Plus find out how to cook the perfect steak.

Tell Them What You Want Them To Do

Always include a clear call to action in every email. What do you want the recipient to do? Do you want them to download a white paper, schedule a meeting with you, start their free trial or get a quote?

No matter what the action is, make sure to clearly state it at the end of your email.

Avoid The Spam Box With Quality Emails

What good is a catching subject line or call to action if it goes directly to the spam box? List quality will determine if your email will make it to the inbox or be seen at all.

There are services that can check your list and update it with current contact information, add email addresses to your current customer database, or you can purchase a list of potential customers.

We can pull a targeted list of leads who are looking for your products and services for your next email campaign. We can also update your list and append emails to your current customer list.

Browse our most popular lists here or contact us for advice before your next email campaign.

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