Best Practices For Direct Mail Campaigns

Best practices for direct mail campaigns includes data quality, a targeted list, personalization, a clear call to action, and more.

Sending postcards, catalogs, and other direct mail pieces to customers and prospective customers has been trending lately due to its high response rates. Having a physical presence in your customers and prospects home or place of business can be extremely valuable if you follow these best practices for direct mail campaigns.

Start With Data Quality

Starting with accurate data is the number one most important thing you can do. Incorrect names and addresses waste money and is more likely to go in the trash. You can increase the quality of your data by adding missing addresses and names with a data append or updating incorrect addresses with a data hygiene service.

If you want to expand your market into a new neighborhood, buy a mailing list from a reputable source.

Get Personal

Segment your mailing list so you can deliver the most relevant message to your recipients. For example, if you have an auto repair shop, you can remind customers to bring in their cars for service when it’s time.

If you’re looking for new customers, you can target your mailer to the neighborhoods your business is in.

Measure Success

It’s easy to measure the success of a direct mail campaign, because you can add promotional codes that need to be mentioned when a customer redeems an offer. You can keep track of the sales that came in as a result of your direct mail to calculate your ROI. This will help you improve future campaigns and learn what is most effective for your business.

Clear Call To Action

Make sure to include a clear call to action in your mailer and include multiple ways to respond. In the auto repair shop example the call to action would be to “Schedule Your Service”. Include a phone number, email address, and website, so the customer can respond.

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