How Our Update Service Helped A University

See how our update service helped Taylor University get a 27% impact to their contact data and increased donations for their phon-a-thon.

The Case Study

Taylor University is a Liberal Arts University located in Upland, Indiana. The Taylor Alumni Association works hard to maintain their alumni relationships, dedicating a substantial amount of time to keeping their database maintained and up-to-date. They know how hard it can be to keep up with alumni changes in phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Frequent changes often result in a loss of contact and therefore a loss of opportunity for additional funding. The Alumni Association told the idLeadGen team they were anxious to see if the idLeadGen update service could improve their contact records and were prepared to put a challenge to the idLeadGen system.

The Analysis

The idLeadGen contact maintenance solution used a proprietary four-step process to refresh the Taylor Alumni Association’s records. Each alumni record was processed confidentially and securely. The contact information underwent a thorough analysis from multiple perspectives. The ultimate goal of the idLeadGen update service is to make every contact record complete and up-to-date. It refreshes old data with updates, fills in missing fields, and suggests removal of bad data. Upon completion, the analysis revealed that many of Taylor’s contact records were missing phone numbers and email addresses. These are often the primary means in which alumni most frequently communicate with a university.

Many organizations are unaware that so much of their contact information is missing or stale until it is too late, when they are trying to reach individuals. The analysis uncovered that 31.5% of Taylor’s contact records were missing a phone number. 43% of their contact records were missing an email address. After processing, it was uncovered that 3% of their physical addresses were found to be inaccurate. The idLeadGen solution would be able to assist Taylor and help them reconnect with lost alumni.

The Results

The idLeadGen update service provided Taylor with exceptional improvements.

Update Service Results

  • A 27% overall impact to Taylor’s contact data was provided. This means that one or more new email address, cell phone number, land-line phone number, or physical address was suggested per contact record.
  • 24% increase to records with at least one address, phone number and email address.
  • A 13% increase to the total number of email addresses.
  • The number of records having only a physical address was decreased by 33%.
  • The number of records without a phone number was decreased by 28%.

Phon-a-thon Results

  • 40% of the phone updates provided by the idLeadGen solution were used in the current phone-a-thon.
  • 4% of these updated phone contacts pledged donations.
  • Taylor received $1,415.00 in pledges from using only a fraction of the phone number updates provided.

The idLeadGen update service updates phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses with the most current update information from a variety of sources including social networks, the Web, and third-party providers. The idLeadGen system comes bundled with many features allowing users to keep their contacts active by updating, consolidating, deduplicating, and backing up contacts securely across platforms, devices, and departments. The update and deduplication services will continue to improve as the system learns from the feedback provided by all users.

We have appreciated Updentity’s commitment to treating our data carefully and with greatest respect. The staff at idLeadGen have been easy to work with and quick to ask questions. They are motivated to do what they can to provide us with the most accurate and up-to-date data that they can provide. We have been pleased with the results that we received and expect that it will benefit us greatly as we re-connect with our alumni and friends who had been lost.

Contact us to see how idLeadGen can provide your business or organization with outstanding results, and don’t wait until it is time to contact an individual to discover their contact information is missing or outdated.


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