How To Get New Donors Using Leads Lists

How to get new donors using leads lists. Here is how you can use a donor list to get more supporters and boost your donations.

Looking for more donors? Many non-profits don’t have the time or resources to implement multiple marketing campaigns. They have to choose their strategy wisely to get new donors. Here’s how you can get new donors using leads lists and boost your donations.

What Is A Leads List?

A leads list is a list of prospects based on your best donors. The list may include demographic data such as community involvement, net worth, voter affiliation, and more.

The list can be used for cold calling, email campaigns, or direct mail.

Say your best donors are involved in children’s charities, have a net worth of $5 Million or more, and are Democrats. You can get a list of donors who meet that criteria. It’s very specific, so you’re more likely to turn leads into your best donors.

How You Can Use A Leads List

Direct Mail Fundraising Lists

Get an accurate list of physical addresses for your direct mail fundraising campaigns. Improve response rates and begin building new relationships with qualified donors.

Email Lists

Use a highly targeted email list to send email campaigns to qualified donors.

This is really easy if you already have emails in place. Just add the new leads to your campaign and press send.

You can also create new emails based on the leads you bought. These types of emails are very effective and usually lead to more donations. Once the emails are in place, they can be used over and over again. This saves time and resources.

When times are slow and the donations are not pouring in, purchasing a list of qualified donors will help.

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