Increase Donations With Update Services

 Increase donations with update services. See how Huntington University saw a 35% positive response from their updated phone numbers.

Case Study: Increase Donations With Update Services

Huntington University, a Liberal Arts University, located in Huntington, Indiana, is listed as being in the top 15% of colleges and universities in the United States by Forbes. With such a prestigious ranking, it was apparent that Huntington had been making an effort to maintain an updated contact list. Huntington University’s Alumni Association, in addition to manually updating contacts, had been purchasing contact updates for a number of years. The organization reaches out to alumni in a number of ways including regular phone-a-thons to achieve an increase in donations from their alumni population. Their challenge: could the idLeadGen update service provide updates to an organization that was already purchasing contact updates?

The Analysis

The idLeadGen contact maintenance solution used a proprietary four-step process to refresh the Huntington University Alumni Association’s records. All of Huntington’s records were processed confidentially and securely. A detailed analysis from multiple perspectives was performed on Huntington’s contact records. The idLeadGen update service’s goal is to make all contact records complete and filled with the most up-to-date contact information available. The idLeadGen system refreshes stale data with updates, completes missing fields, and suggests removal of inaccurate data. Huntington was surprised when the analysis uncovered that many of their contact records were in need of completion and updating.

Many organizations are unaware that so much of their contact information is missing or stale until it is too late, when they are contacting individuals. The analysis uncovered that 80% of Huntington’s contacts were missing an email address, an address, or a phone number. 77% of Huntington’s contacts were missing emails addresses. 17% of Huntington’s records were missing both a phone number and an email address. These percentages express a substantial loss of opportunity for the Huntington University Alumni Association.

The Results Of The Update Services

The idLeadGen update service provides updates to physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers with the most current update information from a variety of sources including social networks, the Web, and third-party providers. Although Huntington was already purchasing updates, the idLeadGen update service was able to provide them with substantial contact information improvements. The phone updates have already helped Huntington’s most recent phone-a-thon.

Update Services Results

  • 22% overall impact to Huntington’s records were provided. One or more new email address, cell phone number, land-line phone number, or physical address was suggested per record.
  • 33% increase to records with at least one address, phone number and email address.
  • 29% increase to the total number of email addresses.
  • The number of records having only a physical address was decreased by 27%.
  • The number of records without a phone number was decreased by 25%.

Phon-a-thon Results

  • 35% total positive response from the updated phone numbers the Updentity service provided.
  • 24% of these updated phone contacts are considering pledging to Huntington.
  • 11% of these updated phone contacts pledged donations.

The idLeadGen system provides an on-going service which is able to push new contact updates to customers over time. The update service will continue to improve as the system learns from the updates provided in addition to the feedback provided by all users. The idLeadGen system comes bundled with many features allowing users to keep their contacts active by updating, consolidating, deduplicating and backing up contacts securely across platforms, devices, and departments.

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